Friday, January 11, 2008

Guess Now Update II

The totals for December have been added to my Guess Now account, and as things stand right now, I have $37.70 in my account. I can now cash-out any time. You can see my statement below. I joined in August, and usually spend 15-20 minutes answering questions two or three days a week.

The questions I always try to answer first are sports (which team will win this game, etc.) and financials (will the Dow be up or down on this date, price of gold up or down, etc.). My strategy for these questions is simple, and seems to work alright.

For the sports, I go to ESPN and look at the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB standings. For the questions that ask which team will win a particular game, I choose the team with the better record (unless I have a strong gut feeling otherwise). If they have the same record, I go with the home team. Pretty simple, and seems to work well. My accuracy on these questions is better than 50%.

For the financials, my strategy is simpler. Most questions ask if a particular stock exchange, commodity price, currency or specific stock will go up, down or remain unchanged. I always choose down. Every single time.

For every question, you choose a confidence level for your answer. The more confident you are, the more points you get if you're correct. I always choose the highest. If I'm wrong, it usually means no points. But I seem to do pretty well with this strategy.

Go sign up and give it a whirl. It's fun watching the money add up!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Coupon Codes

Many online merchants offer discounts on purchases through the use of coupon codes. When you make an online purchase, as you are going through the web site's checkout, you'll have the opportunity to enter a discount code. Some codes get you free shipping, or a percentage off your purchase price.

As an example... at the Barnes & Noble web site, use the code D8H8E4H to receive 25% off the price of any one item.

There are thousands of online merchants offering coupon codes, stores like Macy's, Wal-Mart, Marriott Hotels... the list is endless. And there are a few web sites which track these special deals. Here are some that I've come across and found useful.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Netwinner Update

Netwinner has the new game, Banko, up and running. It's a lot like Bingo, and I've found it pays out a bit more consistently. An average of several hundred points a day. Not too shabby.

There's a catch, though. You can only play ten times each day on each Netwinner site. There are many Netwinner game sites, though, so the total number of plays can quickly add up.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Guess Now Update

I've been hitting Guess Now a few times a week, answering questions for five to ten minutes, and doing pretty well. Right now, my account has almost $22. The minimum to cash out is $25, but I think it'll be fun to let it ride and see how it grows.

A hint for you about the questions: there were trivia questions when I signed up, that gave 10 points for each correct answer. I'm not sure if they are still up for others, since they disappear to you after you guess at them. These are a quick, easy way to build some quick points.

Also... the point value for questions drops as they get closer to their expiration. So answer questions as far out as possible. It makes a sizable difference in your point total.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Freebies Web Site

The WSB-TV web site has a new feature called Friday Freebies, which spotlights great free deals every Friday.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Changes At Netwinner

There have been a few changes at Netwinner, which I believe have actually made it a much better experience. The concept is the same as I described earlier. The first change they've made is to limit the number of spins you can take. They've added several different variations on the original game, and you can make 100 spins a day on each of the different games. All of the different games are accessible by the same ID and password, which you get by signing up here.

Along with the gift cards that you receive for the points you collect, you can also get subscriptions to magazines. Through one of the new games, you can even redeem points for games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and other game platforms.

Did I mention that all the points you win, using any of the games, go into the same pot? Pretty cool.

And apparently new games are on the horizon. The first, called Banko, looks to be some variation of bingo.

Since the changes were made, I've found that I'm earning more points than I was before. In fact, a couple of nights ago, I won a bit more than 5,400 points. Not too shabby.

Here are the addresses for the new games...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Winzy Friends

I've been fortunate to (finally) have a couple of people sign up for Winzy using my referral. Check out the graphic below to see how many prizes I've won. Remember that when you join, and then have other people through your referral, if they win a prize then you also win that prize. It's simple, free and fun.

Win Free Prizes

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Moola Leader Board

In the Moola forums, a leader board has been posted. It shows the top 100 players and their current winnings. Sadly, I'm not close to Top 100 status. I'm stuck at almost $8.00, but I haven't played in over a week.

To give you an idea of the money folks are winning, here's a link to the leader board. The top player right now has won $8,313.52, while the player at number 100 has $97.06 in their account.
There is some money to be won, but luck hasn't been with me. It will probably pay out better for you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Search & Win With Blingo

Blingo is a lot like Winzy, which I mentioned earlier. It's a search site that offers prizes to users just for searching the web.

You're probably already using Google for your web searches. With Blingo, you can get the same search results, and maybe win a little something. Each search is a chance to win prizes or cash instantly. These range from movie tickets and gift certificates to LCD TVs and cash. Invite friends to join, and if they win a prize, you win the same prize.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Online Sweepstakes Source bills itself the web's most active community devoted to sweepstakes. A couple of my biggest wins came in contests I found at this web site. My favorite feature is the ability to search for contests that are about to expire, especially the one-time-only entry sweeps.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Save Using Coupons, Savy Shopping

I know this is technically not a money maker. But money saving is just as good. The best place to start saving on your groceries is through This free website started from one woman's commitment to help consumers save money, and to feed the hungry by increasing food donations to hunger organizations. It's turned into a fantastic source for advice and information on special offers and deals for consumers, a database that shows how to really save big bucks by combining coupons with store sale prices, and a guide to finding freebies on the web.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guess Now - Play, Earn Points, Cash Out

At Guess Now, you answer trivia questions and make predictions about future events, You earn points for correct answers, and those points add up to cash. Game play is easy and straight-forward... you simply answer questions. The way prize money is calculated is a little complex because every player is competing for their share of a monthly cash prize cool. That means as points are accumulated by all the players, the actual prize per point goes down. That means for big prize money, you need a lot of points,. The good thing, it's so easy to play. That, and you can win actual cash.

Guess Now prize money is calculated monthly. In September, I'd won about $6. So far this month, I'm sitting around $13. That can go up or down, depending on how much (or little) I guess correctly the next two weeks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moola - You Can Win Big

Moola is another online site offering games you can play to win cash. Here's how it works...

Moola gives you a penny when you sign up. You then put that penny on the line against other Moola users in games of semi-skill/semi-chance (a card game called Hi/Lo, a modified version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, etc.). The winner takes the cash and moves up the ladder. Each rung on the ladder is worth twice what the previous level was. The loser gets another free penny and starts over. Win 30 times in a row and cash out for millions. Currently, I have $7.28 in my account.

Moola offers another way to add to your winnings. There's a search feature built in, using Google's search results. When you search, you could win a chance to spin the Booster Wheel. This is a Wheel of Fortune type wheel, with prizes ranging from one cent to $9,000. You're guaranteed at least one spin per day, and can get up to four a day. You can also add the Moola search feature to the search bar in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Like most of what you'll find on this blog, Moola offers a referral program. This program is four-tiered. When someone you've referred cashes out or wins on a bonus from a booster, you receive a 4% bonus yourself. Anyone they refer gets you 3%, and 2% for one of their referrals, and 1% for the fourth-generation referrer.

Moola is an invitation-only program. You can get your Moola invitation right here.

Oh yeah... in December 2006, PC World Magazine named Moola the 11th best place to waste time on the Web.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Search & Win at Winzy

Winzy is a search engine that gives away free prizes when you use it to search the web. You can win iPhones, iPods, gift certificates, X-Boxes and cash prizes up to $100,000. Each time you search on Winzy, you earn points. Each point is an entry into monthly prize drawings. There are also instant prizes, like gift certificates. They have a referrer program, also. If someone you refer wins a prize, you also win that prize. Winzy uses the search services of

Win Free Prizes

Click on one of the links and sign up. It's free, you can win free prizes, and I could use the friends (shameless, I know!)

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